LosAngelesSection8.com is your number one source for quality Section 8 Housing in the Los Angeles area. Starkwood Inc. specializes in property management of Los Angeles Section 8 properties and rentals. Through our website you can find all of our available homes for rent. Most of our properties have been completely rennovated and offer brand new kitchens, bathrooms, and gorgeous wood floors throughout. We have the best Section 8 properties in Los Angeles!

Our professional management and leasing staff specialize in section 8 rentals in the Los Angeles area. Therefore, we are experts in all aspects of the Section 8 tenanting process. We are able to get you into your new home sooner than any other company around. We are fluent with the Housing Authority paperwork , inspection process, and section 8 regulations. Working with our company will not only allow you to live in one of the most beautiful properties in town, but will give you the peace of mind to know you are in the right hands. 

Working closesly with HACLA (Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles) and HACOLA (Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles) we have been able to house hundreds of Section 8 tenants just like you! Our move in process has become streamlined, providing you an easy transition into your new home. 

Whether you have a County of Los Angeles Section 8 voucher, or a City of Los Angeles Section 8 voucher, we are able to provide you with nothing short of the best service! 

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